Protection of industrial property overseas

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Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha, in the intellectual property program of VTVcab-InfoTV, discussed on the protection of industrial property overseas.

We are pleased to introduce the content of the interview:

Interviewer: Please tell us the purpose of the registration of industrial property?

Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha:The registration of industrial property has many purposes. The registration will record the ownership of the industrial property.

The other purpose is to prevent and punish the violation of industrial property amongst competitors.

Additionally, the registration of industrial property will raise the value of the company with highly-intelligent products such as patent, utility solution, integrated designs, ...

Interviewer: What is the consequence when exporting products to the country without registration of industrial property?

Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha: The lack of registration will lead to the following consequences:

  • The brand will be registered by other owner so that you will face the obstacles when entering the market;
  • The more serious consequence is the administrative penalty for the violation of industrial property with a huge amount of fine.

Interviewer: What should be aware when registering industrial property overseas?

Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha: The owner should be aware of the following principles such as:

  • The registration should be start at least 1,5-3 years prior to the exportation up to each kind of industrial property.
  • The exportation should be proceeded only after receiving the protection of industrial property;
  • The agency of industrial property registration should be reputable and experienced.
  • The method of registration should be economical and efficient. We can register in WIPO or each country.


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