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Where should you hire a reputable lawyer service? The professionalbusiness lawyer service of SB Law was born and satisfied many clients with reasonable and reputable costs.

The legal field of business activities is a problem that makes many business owners headache and cost a significant amount. With the purpose of helping enterprises improve their competitiveness, minimize legal risks, flexibly solve many difficult areas and still access professional lawyer services at an appropriate cost.

Why should we use business lawyer services?

Currently, the trend of using professional business lawyer services is selected by many businesses by many advantages such as:

  • Low cost but high efficiency: Many corporations say that the use of professional business lawyer services has helped them save more costs than organizing a separate legal department for company as before. Meanwhile, the efficiency does not decrease, even become better.
  • No need to worry about arising legal issues: Many businesses complain that when they encounter legal arising problems not relating totheir profession, their lawyers cannot solve and become embarrassed. That causes enterprises difficulty and time-consuming negotiation. However, when they sign a contract with a business lawyer service, this problem was solved quite simply because they have an in-depth and experienced team of many fields.
  • Always dedicated, enthusiastic in supporting businesses: When businesses sign a contract to use business lawyer services, it means that they will always be supported and cared dedicatedly, enthusiastically by service provider. When a request arises, the service provider will be ready to appoint the most qualified and suitable lawyer to the relevant field to help businesses solve the job most effectively, limit many risks arising.

Benefits that enterprises can gain when using business lawyer service

When using professional business lawyer service, client will get a lot of advantages as follows:

  • Helping businesses save maximum costs but achieve the highest efficiency.
  • Helping businesses solve their jobs as soon as possible.
  • A team of good, experienced lawyers makes it easy to solve difficult cases hindering business activities
  • Professional business lawyer service shall help businesses draft contracts related to legal issues.
  • A team of highly specialized lawyers who flexibly deal with legal and non-professional issues.
  • Counseling dedicatedly to enterprises on issues arising in business contracts; supporting businesses and offering the fastest and best solution.

Why do numerous clients select SB Law’s services?

With many outstanding advantages, high efficiency, low cost, the need to use business lawyer service is selected by a lot of clients. However, to choose a company that provides reputable, professional and affordable lawyer services, it’s not easy. In recent years, many clients have come to know the lawyer service, especially SB Law's business lawyers and appreciate and regularly choose our services because:

  • SB Law is a leading law firm in Vietnam for professional business lawyer services with more than 30 legal professionals in all areas of legal advice. We are highly recommended and appreciated by both domestic clients and international clients.
  • Owning a team of good, highly specialized and experienced lawyers in the areas of project investment consultancy, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, project transfer, banking and finance, intellectual property, taxes, technology transfer and other legal support activities.
  • The cost of SB Law's services is low but highly effective at work. Based on the needs of businesses, SB Law has developed different price lists, depending on the case and the selected lawyer. With simple cases and clients who choose young lawyers, clients only pay at a low cost. If clients choose experienced lawyers to solve complex issues, the cost of the clients will be higher.
  • A team of lawyers are always dedicated, enthusiastic to support businesses, anytime clients require, we will present to resolve and make the best plans.

If you have any demand to be consulted, answer questions or use the professional business lawyer service of SB Law, please contact Hotline 0904.340.664 or send a message to Zalo to give specific exchange.


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