1.Clause 2 Article 7 of the Enterprise Law stipulates that the enterprise is only permitted to commence business if eligible for the sectors/lines which are conditional under investment laws and relevant laws, including the conditions regarding practice permits.

2.Article 6 Decree 139/2007/ND-CP dated 05/9/2007 providing guidelines on practice permits (stipulated in clause 4 Article 16, clause 5 Article 17, clause 5 Article 19 of the Enterprise Law), is the written document issued by competent State agencies or occupational associations authorized by the State to issue to individuals certifying such individual’s eligibility in terms of qualification and occupational experience in certain sectors/lines in accordance with the law.

Clause 4 Article 5 Decree 88/2006/ND-CP stipulates that each individual is only  permitted to use the practice permit to do business registration in an enterprise in business sectors/lines in which practice permits are required.

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