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Since its establishment, SBLAW has been selected as an important partner of many banking and non-banking credit institutions in Vietnam.

Our skilled and experienced banking lawyers and consultants with professional ability to access banking and finance policies, practice and law in Vietnam are equipped with powerful research methodologies and innovative thinking to provide fruitful business results.

The benefit that SBLAW deliver to our clients including to identify and quantify potential risks of credit transactions, assistance in formation of banks, branches or its representative, banking policies study, structuring loan transaction, preparing  and reviewing loan contracts etc.

SB LAWs client in the field of finance and banking includes Industrial and Commercial Bank of China – Hanoi Branch, Military Joint Stock Commercial Bank, DBS Bank; Agricultural Bank Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, PetroVietnam Finance Corporation etc.

Our key finance deals include the followings among others:

  • Advising a Vietnamese bank to loan an amount of USD 500,000. Our legal services include analysis of project risks, mortgage consultancy, loan agreement draft.
  • Advising a bank in Vietnam regarding bank guarantee for the capital contribution amount of USD 1,000,000.Our legal services includedanalysis of project risks, mortgage consultancy, loan agreement draft.
  • Advising a foreign bank regarding issuance of loan of USD4,000,000.Our legal services includedreviewing transactional structure of the loan, the mortgage and loan agreements under the law of Vietnam;
  • Advising a company regarding its restructure from a financial institution to a Commercial Bank. Our consultancy included performing feasibility research of the project, advising on legal framework of Vietnam, obtaining precedent and opinion of the Prime Minister and related authorities.
  • Advising a non-governmental organization and conducting research on improvement of capacity of capital management of Vietnam Association of People’s Credits Fund (VAPCF) and technical support to People Credits Fund (PCF);
  • Advising a foreign bank and conducting research on foreign exchange policy of Vietnam, included the legal framework of Vietnam in foreign exchange policy as well as its short-term and long-term strategy.


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