Lawyers of SBLAW participated in the council "Appraisal of undergraduate training programs in Economic Law".

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At the invitation of the Council of Dai Nam University, on August 27, 2022, lawyer and master Nguyen Thanh Ha, president of SBLAW Law Firm, participated in the appraisal council for the undergraduate training program in Economic Law.

Name of the training program (Vietnamese): ECONOMIC LAW

Name of training program (English): LAW OF ECONOMICS

Training code: 7380107

Education level: UNIVERSITY

Training period: 4 YEARS

Required number of credits: 140 CREDIT

Training forms: formal

Name of degree (Vietnamese): Bachelor of Laws in Economics

Degree title (English): BACHELOR OF ECONOMIC LAW

Spoken language: ENGLISH

Degree granting institution: UNIVERSITY OF NAM

Name of faculty implementing the training program: Faculty of Law

Comparative training program: Bachelor of Economic Law, Hanoi University of Commerce; National Economics University and New South Wales University, Australia

Release date/description edit: 8/2022

Learning and living support system: Class – Academic advisor – Faculty – School

Subjects of application/adjustment: The training program is reviewed and applied to undergraduate students, majoring in Economic Law from class 16 onwards (enrollment in the academic year 2022-2023).

As an employer of law students from universities, lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha has given suggestions to improve the training program framework.


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