Land Law 2024: A Significant Step in Land Management and Utilization and the Hope of Resolving Agricultural Land Hoarding and Abandonment

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The Land Law 2024 marks a pivotal moment in comprehensively amending regulations governing land usage. The Land Law 2024 introduces several crucial amendments aimed at facilitating favorable conditions and providing clarity on legal provisions for businesses and investors


These changes include restructuring the land valuation mechanism, expanding mortgage opportunities, and simplifying land clearance procedures, all of which will reshape the business environment and investment strategy in Vietnam. 


In addition, the Land Law is also expected to address many lingering issues from previous land laws, most notably the Land Law 2013, including the phenomenon of hoarding agricultural land and subsequently leaving it idle without implementing projects, resulting in resource wastage, distorting land usage structures, and affecting the rights of land users. 


Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha


Chairman of SB Law Limited Liability Company



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