Improvement in protection of Vietnamese trademark in Indonesia

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Indonesia is one of Asean countries, amongst which Vietnam is the big exporting supplier.

One of the most important points in this market access is the protection of intellectual property rights, including trademark and brand.

The protection will support the Vietnamese companies to overcome the tariff in intellectual property and avoid the missing trademark.

SB Law is the intellectual property agent for many companies including Kova, Tan A Dai Thanh, PVCombank to protect the brand abroad, especially in Indonesia.

SB Law is expanding the network of legal partners, including intellectual property agents and international lawyers to protect the brand abroad.

Acemark Intellectual Property, one of five leading intellectual property law firm inIndonessia, which S&B Law has chosen as legal partner.

In October 2013, SB Law is pleased to welcome Ms.Yenny Halim, Managing Partner, to visit SB Law office.

In this meeting, we have exchanged the ideas in protection of intellectual property in Indonesia and Vietnam, especially assess and improve the quality of the service in this area for the Clients of both Parties.

With this expansion, S&B Law commits to support Vietnamese companies in Indonesia and other countries.



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