Foreign Investment consultancy in Vietnam

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Our team who have not only good legal backgrounds and skills but having also business mind and strong ties to the investment field is known to be one of the most recommended choices in Vietnam.

It’s evidencing by a large number of foreign clients having their investment in Vietnam including offshore companies, foreign invested companies and domestic corporation operating in a variety of business sectors such as banking and finance, real estate and construction, hotel, entertainment, insurance, consumer goods and manufacturing.

We have represented various joint ventures companies and investors (including foreign investors and domestic investors) and well aware of all challenges that confront clients during the process of their investment in Vietnam.

We have advised and assisted our clients in structuring their management, capitalization and dealing with the issue on controlling right over the business operation and management.

Our services in the field of foreign investment covers a wide full range from assistance in market research, quantifying benefit and risks associated with investment policies of the government, foreign invested company formation, establishment of branches and representative office of foreign companies, expanding business of foreign invested company, obtaining business license or investment certificate for investors in Vietnam or in other countries.

In many circumstances, our capacity of communicating with the local community and intensive experience of our lawyers have made the local authorities and counter parties more comfortable in reaching agreement, resolving dead lock and effectively contributed to the success of the client’s business in Vietnam.

SBLAW is proud to assist many clients in negotiation, licensing and post licensing procedures for the establishment and operation of their commercial presence in Vietnam including:

  • Advising Stalheim Industries Sdn Bhd in the establishment of Innovar Vietnam Company Limited and licensing of export and import rights and distribution of wooden flooring and relevant products;
  • AdvisingNikken International Company Limited (a foreign-owned company of Japanese investor) in expansion of business in Vietnam.  Nikken International Company Limited is the first 100% foreign-owned company in permission of export and import rights, distribution and lease of constructional equipment in Vietnam;
  • Advisingand representing Metiseko International Company Limited (a company of Hong Kong) before competent authorities, in establishment of a textile plant in  Vietnam;
  • Advising IBM Vietnam Company Limited and representing them before competent authoritieswith regard to the investment project and business strategy in Vietnam.
  • Advising Esco Pte., Ltd. regardingexpansion of distribution license and business support in Vietnam.


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