Establishment of branches for foreign invested company in Hanoi, Vietnam

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The branch in Hanoi shall engage with travel agent and outbound and inbound business already registered by foreign invested company (Client) located in other province (for example Ho Chi Minh City).

Thus, under Vietnam Law on Investment, establishment of such branch in Hanoi City shall not require new projects.

We would like to present to client our legal service proposal as follows:


1.S&B Law shall assume responsibilities in:

-   Advising procedure and necessary documents for obtaining the Investment Certificate for  Branch of Client in Hanoi.

-   Assisting in preparation of application dossier;

-   Pursuing licensing procedure with competent authority;

-   Receiving the Investment Certificate from competent authority.

2. Invested foreign company shall be responsible in:

-    Providing S&B Law with necessary documents and information as requested;

-    To make payment to S&B Law in accordance with the payment schedule as agreed between the Parties;


-    Within 01 working days counted from signing legal service contract between S&B Law and Client, S&B Law shall deliver the checklist of necessary documents and information to be prepared for the application dossier;

-    Within 05 working days from your delivery of necessary documents and information, S&B Law shall transfer necessary documents toClientfor reviewing and signing;

-  Within 15 working days from submission of legitimate application dossiers to the Competent Authority, S&B Law shall obtain the Investment Certificate for branch in and Hanoi City.


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