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Question: We are a foreign company and request the below:

·         Setting up of a Vietnamese company authorized to do foreign trade, customs clearance and receiving foreign currency from abroad

·         Provision of registered address

·         Provision of mailing address

·         Bookkeeping

 Please advise if it is better to set up either a local company or foreign branch in Vietnam for us?

 Kindly let us have your updated fee quotation, including government charges, tax, and any other expected costs, etc.

 Answer: For providing you further detailed advice in this case, could you help us to clarify:

- List of products to be imported/exported/traded by the targeted company? We shall need HS Code for each product that they intend to trade (under Vietnam Law, foreign invested company is prohibited or inhibited to trade/import/export several specific product. Meanwhile, for trading/import/export other products, it may require you to satisfy specific conditions).
- Will the targeted company do custom clearance for their client and collecting service fee for such work? If they need to conduct custom clearance for goods directly imported/exported by themselves in Vietnam, please let us know.
- All companies in Vietnam having legal business transactions with foreigner can receive foreign currency from abroad. Please let us know if they receive foreign currency from abroad on behalf of their Clients and then collecting service fee for such work.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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