Under Article 48 of The Arbitration Law 2010, Parties in dispute shall have the right to request the arbitration tribunal or a court to order an interim relief. A request to a court to order an interim relief shall not be deemed to be a denial of the arbitration agreement or a waiver of the right to dispute resolution by arbitration.

Interim relief shall comprises:

–      Prohibition of any change in the status quo of the assets in dispute;

–      Prohibition of acts. or ordering some specific action to be taken, aim at preventing conduct adverse to the arbitration process of the arbitration proceedings;

–      Attachment of the assets in dispute;

–      Requirement of preservation, storage, sale or disposal of any of the assets of one or all parties in dispute;

–      Requirement of interim payment of money as between the parties;

–      Prohibition of transfer of asset rights of the assets in dispute.

Authority, order and procedures for the court to grant, change or rescind injunctions are provided in Article 53 of The Arbitration Law 2010.

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