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Divorce is no longer an unfamiliar issue in today's society. In fact, the rate of divorced couples is increasing due to many factors. Therefore, the divorce process is not easy and you need to consult a divorce lawyer to ensure your rights and interests.

The following article will show you the importance of selecting a divorce lawyer.

What is divorce?

According to Law on marriage and family 2014, divorce means termination of the husband and wife relation under a court’s legally effective judgment or decision.

Divorce Procedure

A dossier of divorce procedure is a compilation of documents proving the marriage and personal relationship and personal papers enclosed with the divorce application in order to request the settlement of a divorce in court.

Before the divorce, the person who requests for divorce must prepare a valid file of divorce to avoid the missing or incorrect record, which may leads to notice of additional records from the Court causing long extension of the divorce.

According to Law on Marriage and Family 2014, Code of Civil Procedure 2015 and other relevant legal documents, the divorce documents should be included the following documents:

Divorce application (Form of each Court);

Registration of marriage;

01 certified copy of the household registration book;

01 certified copy of ID card / passport of the couple;

Child's birth certificate (copy);

Other documents and evidence proving common assets, such as land use right certificates, ownership of houses and other land-attached assets (red books); vehicle registration; passbook ... (copy)

Divorce consultation lawyer

During the marriage, husband and wife's feelings are no longer as the same as the old days which leads to irreversibility, forcing the couple to resolve the divorce in a state agency. To acknowledge your rights and interests whether the couple could not come to an agreement on the person directly raising the kids or unreasonable division of property, you need a good divorce lawyer to help you ensure your best benefits.

- Advice on child custody and support

+ Advise and determine the right of directly raising the children after divorce.

+ Advise, identify and request support for children after divorce.

+ Advise on the right of visiting your children and take care of them after the divorce

+ Advise on procedures to change custody.

- Advise on division of common and private property

+ Advice on the principle of property division upon divorce according to the provisions of the Law on marriage.

+ Advise and determine common property, private property of husband and wife  during marriage period.

+ Determine the financial obligations and the common, separate debts of the husband and wife during the marriage period.

+ Advise on the division of the property between husband and wife at Court.

+ Advise on procedures for division of husband and wife assets during the divorce’s procceding

Types of divorce consultation

Divorce is the last option whether the conflict between the husband and wife becomes extremely serious that they can not live together, the purpose of the marriage is no longer achieved.

When you decide to divorce, the divorce lawyer will advise on divorce procedures by the following methods:

- Online divorce counseling:

Wherever you are, just pick up the phone and contact the marriage and family lawyer's call center for an advice on issues related to divorce, child custody, common property rights, property rights..

- Advise divorce procedures in person:

Clients should arrange a schedule and a near place, our lawyers will meet in person, collect Clients’ information to give out suitable advisory plans

- Divorce counseling via email:

Whether you can not arrange an appointment or the distance is too long for direct communication,  you can send any inquiry to us via email, we would review the information and respond to you as soon as possible.

SB Law’s divorce consultation services

Married life is not always peaceful and happy once the conflict between the husband and wife becomes extensive leading to the broken of the marriage. When the opponent always feels uncomfortable living together, a consensual divorce would be the best solution for both parties.

-Advise on consensual divorce:

Consensual divorce is the fastest type of divorces when there is no dispute, both parties retain a good impression of their spouse after divorce.

+ Advise on drafting documents, applications for recognition of divorce;

+ On behalf of clients to submit dossiers at the competent People's Court;

+ Keep track with the record and contact the Court authorities when necessary.

- Advise on unilateral divorce:

The marriage life is not perfect as expectation, therefore many clients want to divorce but still afraid of their spouse.

With years of experience as well as the understanding on law on marriage, the divorce lawyer will help clients complete the unilateral divorce procedure.

+ Advise on divorce issues related to the right of raising children directly, the right to separate and common property

+ Advise on the order and procedures for preparing a divorce petition, methods of preparing unilateral divorce documents.

+ Represent clients to file at court.

+ Support clients to solve divorce issues as soon as possible.

- Divorce consultation with foreign elements.

The more society is developing, the more international integration is becoming which leads to high rate of foreign marriage couples. However, due to the barrier of languages and cultures, many of them have come to extensive conflicts during the marriage.

To be acknowledged of divorce involving foreign elements in accordance with Vietnam law, a divorce lawyer will advise you on the procedures and order of drafting documents.

+ Advise on selecting a competent court to settle the divorce case.

+ Advise on the rights of customers in resolving divorces involving foreign elements.

+ Advise on the obligation of raising and supporting children

+ Advise on property division (if any).

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