Cosmetics and Health Supplement Registrations in Vietnam

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Question: Our firm is a french Cosmetics and Health Supplement Brand which has been on the market for about 60 years. The products are produced locally in Europe.

We are planning to export their Cosmetics and Health Supplement products to Vietnam and/or Indonesia, and we would like to know how your company can help us to register the products to enter the market. It would be great if you could let us know what your business services are, how you work, and what the possible fees to expect, etc. If you have some presentations regarding your company business, regulation and procedure, you may send it to us.  

We don’t have an importer yet in Vietnam as we are still at the preliminary stage to understand the regulatory process in Vietnam to register cosmetics and health supplement. It would be great that if you could let me know the regulatory framework in Vietnam, how do you charge usually, and what do you need from us to proceed. We can also have a call next week together to discuss about the future process.

Answer: I am grateful to work with you. For this case, could you let us know if your Client has any Importer in Hanoi who shall hold the product's registration?

Please note that the registration of imported cosmetic products and/or health supplemental products must be applied by a company duly established and operating in Vietnam.

In case you have not yet had any importer in Vietnam, you can consider establishing a subsidiary company for acting as importer and distributor.

The subsidiary company shall hold the product's registration in Vietnam. We shall support you if it is required. Please see more:

Cosmetic registration process in Vietnam


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