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Question: We are a private regulatory compliance company in Singapore. We help companies to get reports prepared for the cosmetic registration process from notification to representing companies in Singapore as being their responsible person.

We are reaching out to you as we have some clients who are looking to register their cosmetic products in Vietnam.

Please provide us the details regarding the documents required for registration, the duration, expiry of the certificate & also the fees structure of both the government & the service charges.

Also, do we require a local representative in Vietnam?

If Yes, can you be our local representative, please help me with charges for the same?

Answer: This is reference to your conversation below. I am Kien Tran, Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice on registration of cosmetic products in Vietnam.

Please find our answers as follows:

– Documents for registration of cosmetic in Vietnam:

 You shall provide us

 (i) One legalized copy of a Certificate of Free Sale granted by Government Office in Singapore which declare that such cosmetic products are free to be sold in Singapore. The Certificate of Free Sale must clearly identify name of product, full name and registered address of the Manufacturer;
(ii) Power of attorney which is issued by the Manufacturer authorizing Agent in Vietnam to register such cosmetic products. The Power of Attorney must be legalized. It must identify full name and address of the Manufacture and Agent in Vietnam and name of product.
– Beside, you must provide us information regarding to Brand Name, List of Ingredients and Use of the cosmetic products to be registered.

 – Our fee for registration of cosmetic product is 400USD/01 product to be registered. The registration of cosmetic product shall be remained within 05 years, renewable.

– If you do not have agency in Vietnam to register the cosmetic product, our associate company shall act as an Agent.
Our fee for acting as Agent in Vietnam shall be 340USD/01 year/01 product to be registered.


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