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The more economy is developing, the more essential it is to apply legal acknowledgment in business. Not all businesses are aware of legal regulations, especially those with subsidiary companies. Therefore, hiring a corporate lawyer should be the first priority for every business.

SB Law would like to provide our legal services with the best quality at low cost.

Why do you need a private lawyer for business?

– Low cost but high efficiency for business: When a company hires an in-house lawyer, the expense is much higher than hiring a private lawyer.

-Work experience is an important factor: An in-house lawyer may resolve an issue in a short time. However, when it comes to a specialized field of law, the lawyer may get trouble in solving the problem which would take a lot of time. Meanwhile, if you sign a hiring contract with a lawyer, our company with a team in specialized fields would help you to resolve that issues in the fastest way and SB Law always puts the prestige and Client’s benefits as our first priority.

– Devoting to solving Client’s issues: SB Law would support Client and appoint the most specialized lawyer to minimize your risks in case of any issues arising out.

Therefore, hiring a corporate lawyer service would be a necessity to protect the legal rights and benefits of company.

Benefits of hiring corporate lawyer:

– Professional and prestigious lawyers with quality assurance would support company in solving business issues.

– Provide conscientious advice for business on any issues arising out of business contracts.

– Save maximum expense for business.

– Manage tasks as soon as possible.

– Experience in dealing with difficult cases

– Support businesses in drafting contracts related to legal issues.

– Resolve problems flexibly

-Wherever you are, once you pick up the phone, we would devote to providing the best solution for solving your problem.

SB Law’s Corporate Lawyer Service

With many years of experience, accumulation of knowledge and skills training, SB Law would like to provide our corporate lawyer services to support Clients in solving business difficulties and bring out the best solution.

SB Law Co., Ltd is a leading and reputable firm in Vietnam with more than 30 legal practitioners specializing in every field of legal advisory. We are highly appreciated by Clients across the country, especially international clients in solving legal problem.

Operating experience in the field of project investment consultancy, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, project transfer, banking and finance, intellectual property, taxes, technology transfer and other legal assistance.

Cost of Services

The demand for business consulting services is increasing more and more these days. Many businesses are wondering how much should they pay for hiring a lawyer. We thoroughly understand your demand and therefore provide our estimated tariff.

The tariff of Corporate Lawyer Service is varied depending on each Client’s case and the chosen lawyer. You may choose a fresh lawyer with low cost for a simple case, or an experienced lawyer with higher expense for a complex case.

For further information on Cost of Services, you may contact us directly via phone number 0904.340.664 or send zalo message to be detailed.

Outstanding benefits of hiring corporate lawyer at SB Law.

– Expert lawyers consciously provide advice on Client’s issues.

– Draft and consult businesses on solving the issues.

– The leading and most reputable legal company in Vietnam market.

SB Law has been recognized as a law firm with diversified and comprehensive consulting field and a wide network of operations throughout Vietnam and Asia.

For further inquiry, please feel free to contact us:

SB Law Limited Company

– Ho Chi Minh City Office:

Address: 8th Floor, PDD Building, No. 162, Pasteur Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hotline: 0904.340.664 – Chat Zalo


– Ha Noi City Office:

Address: 18th Floor, Center Building, Hapulico Complex, No. 85, Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.

Hotline: 0904.340.664 – Chat Zalo




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