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A commercial contract is an agreement and document signed between the parties in order to carry out a procedure which clearly stipulates the rights and obligations between the contracting parties, providing the implementation and orientation in accordance with the law and the content agreed upon in the case. However in reality, there are still cases where the rights and obligations of the parties have been violated leading to disputes. This is why it is necessary to consult commercial dispute resolution.

Why should you hire a lawyer to resolve business disputes:

Since our country joined in the WTO and the TPP, our business relationship has been growing, accompanied by numerous business disputes. Limiting and resolving contractual disputes will make sustainable development, making business and investment more efficient.

To avoid risks, commercial contract dispute resolution consultants are selected by many companies before joining the contract because of the following reasons:

- The consulting lawyer will help to review the contract, ensure the interests of the parties in the contract and anticipate the risks. Therefore, they adjust the terms in accordance with the circumstances and the provisions of law.

- Drafting contracts in general and commercial contracts in particular require a lot of knowledge, in-depth understanding of the provisions of law.

- When a dispute arises, consulting lawyers will help you make the best choice in resolving the contract dispute.

Types of commercial contract disputes:

- Disputes on commercial contracts within territorial scope: foreign trade contract, domestic trade contract….

- Contract dispute according to the content of violation: Arising dispute because the seller or the buyer fails to comply with the contract.

- Disputes over contracts according to the scope of transactions: Disputes in goods purchase and sale, in agency contracts, in service provision contracts, in goods purchase and sale entrustment contracts, etc.

- Dispute contract according to legality: Dispute due to violation of principles, illegal contract…


Commercial dispute resolution by negotiation

This method is widely selected by the parties in the past and in fact, most of the disputes in commercial business are usually resolved by this method. Most countries encourage the parties to apply this method to resolve disputes on the principle of mutual respect.

Commercial dispute resolution disputes by mediation

This is a method of involving the third parties. The mediator has an intermediary role that will help the parties come up with a way to resolve the dispute. Mediation is only effective when the parties are in good faith.

Commercial dispute resolution by mediation helps the parties save time and totally free.

Commercial dispute resolution disputes by arbitration.

The parties would resolve the dispute by the participation of an arbitration center.. This method has many advantages such as fast resolution, confidentiality ... However, the cost of dispute resolution by arbitration is quite expensive, the validity is not as high as the court.

Commercial dispute resolution disputes by court.

The court is the state authority. When there is a dispute, one party has the right to sue the other before the competent court. The advantage is the lower cost comparing to arbitration, high legal validity, but it takes a lot of time and paper preparation.

SB LAW – A reliable address for resolving business disputes with years of experience.

SB LAW Firm with a team of experienced lawyers, knowledgeable about business law, commercial contracts, civil ... SB LAW is proud to be a reputable company in the implementation of consulting services, dispute resolution over commercial contracts with years of experience. We have a team of good lawyers, with deep, reputable and professional qualifications. The law firm has a network of partners including well-known law firms and international law firms.

SB LAW provides comprehensive advice on legal procedures, representing clients to resolve related disputes.

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