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Attorney at International Arbitration plays an important role during the period of selecting Arbitrator and Arbitration Council. In addition, many people prefer choosing international arbitration because of its outstanding benefits.

So, what is the benefit of international arbitration? What is the role of an attorney in international arbitration? The following information will help Client answer the above questions.

What is international arbitration?

Basically, international arbitration is an agency, a method of resolving disputes arising from legal relations regarding international justice and is permitted by law to resolve in form of arbitration.

International arbitration in general and the presence of an attorney in international arbitration in particular bring out more of benefits than form of litigation in traditional courts:

- In general, international arbitration may handle and resolve disputes in a quick time at low cost comparing to traditional court proceedings.

- In order to overcome the overloaded in domestic courts, international arbitrators would have more time to read a study record and to make a qualified decisions.

- The parties may choose an appropriate arbitrator in field of dispute resolution, rather than a general subject as a judge in a domestic court. In addition, the parties may also seek the advice of an attorney at international arbitration to make an appropriate choice.

- International arbitration is quite flexible because the parties are allowed to choose appropriate procedures for them.

- Moreover, because international arbitration is an intermediary selected by the parties, it may avoid the negative and inequality that may occur in domestic court.

Dispute resolution by attorney at international arbitration

Attorney at international arbitrator plays an important role not only in international courts but they also help resolve dispute better. Specifically:

- First of all, one of the benefits of international arbitration lies in choosing arbitrator. And to make the best choice, the parties should resort to legal advice of attorney at international arbitration.

- Most attorneys in arbitration have a deep-knowledge of cultures, customs, practices and laws of many countries. Therefore, they work on the basis of many legal systems rather than being stereotyped under a certain law. An attorney will assist client in the process of pursuing a statement and to prepare arguments before participating in a settlement at arbitration.

- In addition, the role of attorney at international arbitration is also expressed through hearings. Although it could be a short hearing, its meaning in clarifying the dispute is undeniable.

SBLAW- An experienced law firm in resolving disputes at international arbitration

- Due to the development of market economy, international disputes are inevitable. SBLAW is proud of having a good team lawyers with years of experience in domestic and foreign arbitration. We provide dedicated and professional advice to resolve dispute in place in the most beneficial way for Clients.

- To participate in resolving disputes quickly, attorney at international arbitration are required to have a good command of foreign languages ​​as well as an understanding of the procedure in many countries. All lawyers at SBLAW meet these standards.

- SBLAW's partners have a worldwide network. Therefore, Clients can place your faith in us with quickly support quickly and timely resolution.

If you are looking for a team of lawyers at international arbitration, you can place your faith in SB Law.

SB Law has been recognized as a law firm with diversified and comprehensive consulting field and a wide network of operations throughout Vietnam and Asia.

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