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Nowadays, the law has affected all aspects of people’s lives, from trading to property disputes. Therefore, being able of applying law to the reality is not simple because not everyone can thoroughly understand the nature of laws. A lawyer is the person who provides you advice and support, as well as giving you a solutions to protect legal rights and benefits.

Who is a lawyer?

A lawyer is the only person who is qualified to practice law, who understands the law standards. Lawyers are obliged to protect the rights and legitimate interests of Clients, giving advice and solutions to them.

In addition, the lawyer also advises clients on the issue of drafting contract, doing research and collecting evidence related to legal issues.

There are two types of lawyers:

+ Advisory lawyers: The duty of a lawyer is to provide advice on legal issues for clients.

+ Defense lawyer: The duty of a lawyer is on behalf of the client to proceed, defend, argue to protect the client’s rights.

The benefits of hiring a lawyer

When Clients hire SB Law’s lawyer, they may receive the following benefits:

+ Provide advice to help you avoid risks of legal issues.

+ On behalf of Clients to carry out procedures and process documents quickly.

+ Do research, collect, find evidence to help eliminate incorrect information.

+ Provide advice to help clients prepare a lawsuit.

+ Participate in the proceedings in the form of a representative arguing and pleading for the accused.

SB Law’s lawyer services

SB Law with a professional team, experience in solving, consulting the most difficult cases would provide the best service, quality and reputation to bring the highest efficiency for Clients:

– Business Lawyer:

+ Lawyer is the person to ensure the safety of legal issues in business activities and is one of the most necessary conditions for the sustainable development of the business.

+ Advise on drafting the petition.

+ Advise on M&A cases.

+Advise on drafting regulations and operating relationships for businesses.

+ Settlement of labor, tax, contract, investment for businesses.

– Intellectual property lawyer:

+ Intellectual property lawyer is necessity to avoid trademark infringement, copyright protection

+ Advise on intellectual property, copyright, writing, trademark

+ Litigation over intellectual property rights, resolve disputes over intellectual property issues

+ Advise on register trademarks, copyrights and compositions procedures

– Banking and Finance Lawyer:

+ With deep professional qualifications, in-depth working experience, SB Law’s  banking and finance lawyer will help you quickly resolve related problems.

+ Advise on resolving disputes of transactions, Client’s agreement in the field of banking and finance in court.

– Advisory lawyer:

+ The lawyer will be a consultant guiding the most effective solution.

+ Help you draft legal documents, support other related issues.

+ Advise on dispute resolution

SB Law has been recognized as a law firm with diversified and comprehensive consulting field and a wide network of operations throughout Vietnam and Asia.

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