Adjustment of investment projects in Vietnam

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When there is a need to adjust investment projects regarding their objectives, scales, locations, forms, capital and duration, the investors shall fill in the following procedures:

a) For projects subject to investment registration, the investors shall make their own decisions and register adjustment contents with provincial-level state agencies in charge of investment within 10 days after deciding on adjustment;

b) For projects subject to investment examination, the investors shall submit their written requests for adjustment of investment projects to competent state agencies in charge of investment for consideration and adjustment.

A written request for adjustment of an investment project shall cover contents on the project execution situation, reasons for adjustment and changes compared with the examined contents.

2. State management agencies in charge of investment shall notify investors of the adjustment of investmentcertificates within 15 days after receiving complete and valid dossiers.

3. The adjustment of investment projects shall be effected in the form of adjustment of and/or addition to contents of investment certificates.

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