Yoga studio operational requirements

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I currently want to establish a yoga studio, can you tell me what requirements I need to meet?


First you must establish a enterprise which registered business in the sports and fitness business and this enterprise must meet the following conditions:

  1. Qualified Personnel suitable with the operation content:

    • Yoga instructors must meet one of the following conditions:

Certified coach or athlete with a level 2 qualification or equivalent suitable for the registered sports business;

  • Have a degree in sports science from intermediate level or above suitable for the registered sports business;
  • Receive specialized sports training as per regulations of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.
  1. Training Subjects
  • Yoga instructors; businesses engaged in sports activities.
  • Organizations and individuals related to specialized sports training.
  1. Training Content
  • Communist viewpoints, policies, legal principles related to physical education and sports;
  • Basic principle knowledge related to the specific sports training activity;
  • Principles of sports training;
  • Basic techniques of the specific sport;
  • Competition rules, training methods, and organization for that sport;
  • Basic knowledge of safety, hygiene, healthcare, and nutrition for participants;
  • First aid methods (for underwater sports, extreme sports);
  • Evaluation criteria for training results.
  1. Training Program:
  • The General Department of Sports develops a specialized training program for each sport. The qualification level for instructors is determined by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.
  • In accordance with the issued specialized training program, the organizing bodies are responsible for developing training materials. These training materials must be regularly supplemented and updated to ensure compliance with regulations and meet practical requirements.
  • The General Department of Sports is responsible for monitoring and inspecting the development of training materials.
  1. Training Organization:
  • General Department of Sports;
  • National Sports Federation or Association for the specific sport;
  • Specialized sports organization under the Provincial People's Committee.
    • Rescue personnel.
    • Medical personnel.
  1. Facilities and Equipment which needs the requirement of sport activity:

  2. Facility Requirements
  • Flat, non-slip training floor.
  • Ceiling height above the training floor not less than 2.7m.
  • Well-ventilated training space with light intensity of 150 lux or more.
  • Hygiene area, changing area, personal item storage for participants, first aid cabinet, and basic first aid equipment.
  • Display of regulations covering training hours, participant eligibility, restrictions, dress code, safety measures, and other relevant rules.
  1. Equipment:
  • Ensure each participant has an individual mat or a large mat on the floor;
  • For Yoga fly exercises: A silk (rope) hammock capable of bearing at least 300 kg, installed on a suspension system ensuring safety. The rope's length should be adjustable to fit the participant's posture;
  • Supportive equipment for Yoga exercises must ensure safety and not pose a danger to participants.
  1. Instructor Density:
  • Minimum training density on the floor: 2.5m² per person.
  • Each instructor should not train more than 30 people per hour.

Note: A sports business can only operate after receiving a certificate of eligibility from the authorized People's Committee (per Law on Physical Education and Sports 2006, Article 55).


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