Work permit in Vietnam

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According to Vietnamese Law, foreigners working in Vietnam who intend to stay for duration of three months or more are required an MEBV (Multiple Entry Business Visa) and Work Permit.

Also, foreigners working in Vietnam must have work permit, except for the following forms

(a)    A foreigner working pursuant to a labour contract with the term under 3 months;

(b)    A foreigner is member of limited liability company with two members upward;

(c)    A foreigner is owner of limited liability company with one member;

(d)    A foreigner is member of Board of Directors of joint stock company;

(e)    A foreigner offering services;

(f)      A foreigner entering Vietnam to work to resolve an emergency situation;

(g)    Foreigner lawyers working in Vietnam having permission from Ministry of Justice;

(h)    A foreigner working as Head of Representative Office, Head of Project Office or a foreigner assigned to represent all activities in Vietnam by foreign non-government organization;

(i)       A foreigner having internal transfer within an enterprise, in the service scope in the commitment service table of Vietnam with World Trade Organization with 11 services;

(j)      Other cases in accordance with the Prime Minister’s regulations.

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To be obtained work permit in Vietnam, the applicant should be satisfied the following requirements:

Be at least 18 years of age;

Health in good condition to satisfy the specific demands and requirement of the job;

Foreigners applying to work in the educational and occupational training sectors must satisfy all conditions stipulated by the law of Vietnam on this sector;

Free of any criminal record or national security offence, not currently facing criminal prosecution, or not serving a criminal sentence during assignment.

SB Law is willing to assist you to take necessary steps in applying for such Work Permit. Accordingly, we would like to briefly introduce our legal services to be provided as follow:

04. Work Permit in Vietnam
Work Permit in Vietnam

The services to be provided by SBLAW

SBLAW shall assume responsibilities in:

Advising procedure and necessary documents for obtaining work permit in Vietnam;

Assisting in preparation of application dossier;

Pursuing licensing procedure with competent authority;

Receiving work permit from competent authority.

Client shall be responsible for:

Providing SBLAW with necessary documents and information as requested;

To make payment to SBLAW in accordance with the term of service fee as agreed between the Parties.


Within 03 working days counted from your delivery of necessary documents and information as provided under legal services contract between SBLAW and client, we shall transfer necessary documents to client for reviewing and signing.

Within 20 working days from submission of legitimate application dossiers to Department of Labor, Invalids & Social Affaire and Department of Justice, SBLAW shall obtain work permit for client.


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