Work permit for international lawyer in Vietnam

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Question: I'm seeking your kind advise regarding work permit. This is my first trip to Vietnam and I work as an English teacher.

I've a new working visa (3 months) I hold a first class university degree in law (L.L.B) studied from a recognised & well reputed Government college. I'm also a registered lawyer in my home country with New York Bar Council.

My query is regarding work permit. Please let me know can I work in Vietnam without work permit on the basis of Law degree and lawyer registration certificate issued from foreign country.

What kind of procedures regarding paperwork related to department of justice do I need to follow. Your help and advise is much appreciated.

Answer: In case you work in Vietnam as English Teacher, you shall need to obtain work permit. If you want to work in Vietnam without work permit, you must obtain approval from Ministry of Justice to practice as Lawyer in Vietnam.

In such case, you must be employed by at least one law firm duly established and operating in Vietnam.


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