What to do if you fall victim to online property appropriation fraud?

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In today's online transaction environment, cases related to fraud and online property appropriation are becoming more common than ever. Fraudsters can easily approach and deceive users through various means without the need for direct contact. According to information from Vietnam Television (VTV), in just 2023, the total amount of money individuals and organizations lost to online fraudsters was approximately 8,000 to 10,000 billion VND, which is one and a half times higher than in 2022. Most of the victims in this case are confused and have many difficulties in providing information to the authorities to verify the violators. Therefore, legal assistance in such cases is extremely necessary.


We, SB Law Limited Liability Company, with our team of professional lawyers,  have a deep understanding of legal regulations, and experience in legal consultancy and have experience in legal consulting and litigation in the fields of civil, criminal, will provide  the most optimal legal solution for each Client's case.

Our services include:

- Legal Consulting: We provide detailed legal advice on regulations related to online property appropriation fraud, methods in accordance with legal regulations to collect evidence and analyze information and documents, including electronic data and network information to support the case resolution process. At the same time, with the mission of being a safe legal haven for Clients and effectively combating and preventing this type of crime, SB Law also provides advice on cybersecurity measures to prevent fraudulent acts of appropriating property online in the future.

- Legal Representative: We will represent the Client to coordinate with authorities such as: Investigation Agency, The Department of Cyber Security and Crime Prevention uses high technology, Court, etc. in order to resolve the case throughout the stages of investigation, prosecution and trial. This not only helps reduce Client stress and anxiety, but also increases the chances of success in the case, by ensuring that all necessary legal means are used to protect Clients' rights optimally.


We are committed to providing maximum satisfaction to our Clients through high-quality services and intelligent legal solutions. Contact us today to receive the best support and advice for all legal issues related to your case.

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