What is the difference between permanent and residence?


The difference between permanent residence card and temporary residence card is:

– Temporary residence card is a document issued to a foreigner who is permitted to reside in Vietnam for a certain period of time.

– Permanent residence card is a document to a foreigner who is permitted to reside indefinitely in Vietnam.

However Permanent residence card is only applied for some particular cases, and if you enter Vietnam as an investor, you can apply for ĐT temporary residence card which the duration does not exceed 05 years.

We shall collect necessary information and documents from you. Upon receipt of necessary information and documents from you, we shall prepare the application dossier and submit to the competent authority. The time schedule to obtain ĐT temporary residence card shall be 07 working days from submission of required application dossier to relevant competent authority.

Our fee for obtaining ĐT temporary residence card is 500 USD (Five hundred US Dollars), not including 10% VAT, bank charge and cost for translation of documents from English into Vietnamese.

This is reference to your email on 22nd July 2017, from which, we understand that you are now seeking legal advices for establishment of a 100% owned foreign company for producing software in Vietnam (hereinafter referred to asClient”). We are, therefore, grateful to present you hereunder our Legal Services Proposal for your review and consideration.



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