Vietnam company registration

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SB Law would like to provide you some information about Vietnam company registration as follows:

Under Vietnam Law, foreign investors are entitled to form Foreign Invested Company ("FIC") under either of Wholly Foreign Invested Company or Joint Venture Company.

Both of Wholly Foreign Invested Company and Joint Venture Company can be structured as Limited Liability Company or Joint Stock Company like other countries.

In order to set up a FIC in Vietnam, foreign company must obtain an Investment Certificate (IC) which is equivalent to Certificate of Incorporation and Business License in Vietnam.

Possibility of obtaining IC in Vietnam shall very much depend on following factors:

(i) Nationality of Client.

(ii) Investment Capital

(iii) Business Activities of FIC;

(iv) Location of FIC in Vietnam;

(vi) Experience of Client in the same field

Then, based on complication of each case, we shall determine our service fee.

After forming the Company in Vietnam, you shall be required to open bank account in Commercial Bank in Vietnam to make the capital contribution. You shall not be required to open bank account in Vietnam before obtaining IC.

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