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Welcome to SBLAW - Vietnam Business Law Firm, where we provide comprehensive and professional legal solutions for your business. We take pride in being one of the leading law firms in Vietnam, with a team of experienced lawyers who have deep understanding in the field of business law. Our mission is to accompany businesses in every stage of development, offering the most professional support and advice to help your business thrive. Let SBLAW be your trusted legal partner, guiding you to new heights in business and sustainable growth in the competitive market.

Vietnam Business Law Firm
Vietnam Business Law Firm

SBLAW is one of the most Reputable Business Law Firm in Vietnam

SBLAW is one of the business law firms which have been recognized and highly appreciated by both international and local clients. With more than 40 lawyers and legal experts in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, SBLAW owns a large and strong team of local lawyers in Vietnam.

Our professional performance and services are equal to that of international firms in Vietnam and in some areas it even surpasses them. Clients found that S&B provides excellent and practical advice on local issues. S&B also offers a superlative service and is capable of meeting the expectations of clients.

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Business law firm in vietnam Banner

Local Expertise

The Vietnamese legal system differs from many others in that a big gap exists between the law and the practice. This requires lawyers in Vietnam to understand both the law and policies (written or un-written) of the Government of Vietnam. As locals, the lawyers of S&B are able to identify actual legal risks in Vietnam and to propose practical solutions to eliminate or minimize such risks.

With long experience and strong working relationship with various Government agencies and State-owned companies, S&B lawyers have the ideal position to fully understand its working method and expectations so as to assist clients in dealing and negotiating most effectively with its officials. International businesses and lenders have highly appreciated S&B‘s local expertise in moving projects smoothly not with standing various administrative burdens in Vietnam.

SBLAW has developed excellent relationships with Government agencies at both national and local levels. These special relationships form a valuable resource for SBLAW to draw upon when providing services to its clients.

Vietnam business law firm
Vietnam business law firm

SBLAW Capability

SBLAW lawyers have the capability to provide extensive legal services in Vietnam, including representing clients before the counts and other government agencies, negotiating with Vietnamese authorities and local partners, assisting in structuring and negotiating transactions and disputes and performing due diligence.

SBLAW also provides administrative assistance in relation to investment in Vietnam, including legal and commercial translation, working with relevant governmental agencies and preparing routine applications to obtain licenses, registrations, notarization and approvals in all spheres including project development, financing, intellectual property and tax.

14. Business law firm in vietnam
Business law firm in vietnam

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