SBLAW has the in-depth legal experience to consult cases like: Enterprise Bankruptcy, Losing of Ability-to-pay and Reconstruction, in order to help the debtors to apply some debt collection measures and to assist the debtees to plan for repayment and reconstruction of the Enterprise in the most effective and eligible way.

SBLAW offers the following services:

  • Consulting about Protection of Properties in the process of Reconstruction and Bankruptcy
  • Consulting about Acquisition of Properties in the process of Bankruptcy
  • Planning on the Reconstruction of Enterprise
  • Consulting on Payment, Reorganize and Capital Funding for the debts of Enterprise
  • Consulting about Agreement to Extend Debt and Agreement to Postpone Debt
  • Consulting about Liquidation of Mortgages and Confiscation of Real-estate in the process of Bankruptcy
  • Consulting about the Payment Privilege Right for debtors in dispute with the bankrupted debtees in accordance with the Law.


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