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Question: Please send me price quotation for filing trademark renewal in Vietnam.


Regarding your enquiries concerning the subject matter, we would like to advise you on the procedure and our fee schedule in relation to the trademark renewal proceeding in Vietnam as follows:

  1. Fee Schedule:
Description Official Fees


Attorney’s Fees


1.    Fee for trademark renewal for the first class


- Fee for trademark renewal for the second class







2.   Fee for using Certificate of Trademark Registration

every 10 years in one class of G/S without limitation of number of goods/services in each class (required fee for trademark renewal)

35.00 30.00
3.   Communication Cost 30.00
Sub-total: 255.00
5% VAT 12.75
Bank charge 20.00
TOTAL 287.75

Note:  The above-quoted fees include 5% VAT, Communication Cost $US30, Bank charge ($US20).

  1. Procedure and Timeline

As stipulated, the renewal of trademark registration shall be proceeded within 6 months from the date of expiration at the end of TMRC. The duration of examination of trademark renewal is around 3-6 months from the date of filling renewal application to the actual receipt of recored-renewal. However, in some cases, it will take further 3-6 months to examine of trademark renewal by the NOIP’s examiners due to backlog of the trademark applications of the NOIP or any possible shortcomings in examination process of trademark.

  1. Required documents

-   An original of Trademark Registration Certificate (TMRC) in case your client wish to record renewal of trademark in the protection titles, otherwise we will record on the NOIP’s database directly without an original of TMRC.

-   An original Power of Attorney with a simply signature of the Applicant (form of SBLAW). Please be informed that a scanned/faxed copy of the Power of Attorney is acceptable upon filing provided that the original copy is submitted within 01 month from the filing date.


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