Toothpaste registration to Vietnam

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Question: Our company have toothpaste which will export to Vietnam.I have 3 Questions about export:

1.  As I have studied, toothpastes are classified as medicines or it consider cosmetic. Which is right?

2. If so, what procedures and what documents do I need to export?

3. I know that we have to register on site to import, When we register through you, will you give me the invoice and the term?


Please see our comments as bellow:

- Toothpaste are classified to cosmetic.

- In order to export toothpaste into Vietnam, you shall have to register such products with MOH. You must have an importer in Vietnam to register such products with MOH. If you do not have company in Vietnam for registration, we can connect you with service companies who are willing to act as importer.

- Our expense for registering toothpase is 400USD/01 product. It shall take you about 30 days from submission of application dossier to MOH to complete the registration.


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