The procedure for filling international patent

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SBLAW would like to advise investor (you) the procedure for filling international patent as follows:

In order to protect invention at selected countries e.g (Vietnam, EU, China, USA), direct filing of application at these countries according to Paris Convention is highly recommended.

Accordingly, you will file an application at one of these countries firstly (e.g. Vietnam) and then file the counterpart application at remaining countries based on the priority claim of the first application within 12 months counted from the filing date of the first application.

Your applications will be handled and settled according to separately regulation of each country.

In order to protect in EU, your patent shall be filed at EPO, which covers 38 member countries.

After EPO completes the process of examination of your patent and concludes that your patent is patentable, you have right to ask the EPO’s members as to recognize the validity of your patent.

Then, you will pay the respective fees in the selected countries.



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