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SB Law would like to advise you procedure and our fee schedule in relation to the trademark registration proceeding in Thailand as follows:

1.Time frame 

The trademark application shall be processed in three stages, including:

a)      Examination of trademark application (both formality and substantive examination): 08-12 months from the filing date;

b)      Publication of trademark application: within 03 months from the date on which the examinations are completed without any rejection from the Registry.

c)      If no opposition is filed within publication period, the applied mark will be accepted for registration. The registration certificate will be issued within 02 months following the acceptance date.

Accordingly, it normally takes approximately 13-17 months for a trademark application to proceed to registration in a smooth case without any opposition by a third party or office action from the Registry.

2.  Required documents

In order to file a trademark application in Thailand, the applicant shall provide S&B LAW with an original Power of Attorney (our form in attachment) which must be notarized. Legalization is not required.

3.  Validity of trademark registration

A trademark once registered is valid for a term of 10 years and can be renewed every 10 years for an unlimited period.

4.  Estimated Fees

In Thailand, multi-class application is not applicable. The official fees are calculated based on the number of item of goods/services claimed in each class while our professional fees are calculated based on the number of class only.


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