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Question: I would like to know if I would be tax liable in Vietnam if:

1. I work for a oil company in Saudi Arabia
2. I have opened a HSBC bank account in Vietnam and my salary (from Saudi Arabia) gets deposited into that account.
3. I am in Vietnam 4 times a year on holiday - never more than 21 days at a time.

4. I can open a bank account without a 1 year multiple entry visa?

I will not be working in Vietnam so wont have a work permit - just want to ensure HSBC bank can open a account for me.
Answer: SBLAW would like to advise you as follows:
 If you stays in Vietnam less than 183 days per year/12 months and you do not earn any money from/for job conducted in Vietnam, you do not have to pay Personal Income Tax in Vietnam.
 As the bank account, we are afraid of that without multiple business visa, you can not open bank account in Vietnam Bank.


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