Consultation services on Labor Law

Labor lawyer in Vietnam

With a team of experienced lawyers providing consultation about employment law, SBLAW provides foreign companies with effective measures in solving labor laws. Our proud clientele include Vietnam IBM, Thailand UBM, Esco Singapore, Printing Taixin Vina, Sunway Hotel. Our consultation services of labor law include: To advise, draft and give legal advices relating to employment contracts, […]

Consultation Services on international commercial transactions

In recent years, Vietnam has made its entry in the global economy and Vietnamese companies are actively involved in international commercial transactions. Seeking a law firm - which has professional lawyers with deep and wide understanding of regulations, policies and precedents in international merchandising for consultation is very important for enterprises. SBLAW, which has a […]

Consultation services on M&A (Merges and Acquisitions)

M&A is a mechanism used by companies in order to expand its range, share market or to capture markets. Nonetheless, when M&A conducted, parties must be aware of legal status of companies that they wish to purchase and necessary procedure as well. SBLAW have advised many foreign enterprises about sub-purchasing share capital of Vietnamese companies […]

Consultation services on Insurance law

SBLAW, with years of experience of consultation regarding insurance laws, has emerged as legal advisor for of numerous big insurance companies in Vietnam such as the insurance company belonging to AGRIBANK. Consultation services on insurance of SBLAW include: To provide legal advice on establishing insurance companies; To advice on Vietnam insurance laws; To advice on […]

Consultation services on real estate

With a team of experienced lawyers having practice in real estate, SBLAW has provided consultation services for leading companies in Vietnam such as Viettel Group. We can advice a client not only in whole also for the stages in the process of execution of construction and real estate projects. Content of consultation services includes: To […]

Consultation services on foreign investment

Our attorneys, who are well aware of the investment environment in Vietnam, will support the investor effectively in the process of planting as well as executing projects in this country. Consultation services on foreign investment include: To provide investors with information relating to execution of industrial area projects inside Vietnam and abroad; To introduce partners […]

Consultation services on restoration of debts

Consultation services on restoration of debts

In business activities, accruing of debts among companies occurs quite regularly. Nevertheless, companies can seek legal advice as to steps and directly solve restoration debts when there are bad debts. Restoration debts services include: To research and review files, to determine legal basis for restoration of debts; To advice on the statue limitation for lawsuits; […]

Consultation services on dispute resolution

Consultation services on dispute resolution

SBLAW is a team of lawyers with experience and knowledge in the field of dispute resolution. Particularly, Thanh Ha Nguyen lawyer, who is chairman of SBLAW, has a vast experience in consulting and settling business disputes, hence, the SBLAW surely provides clients with the best solutions in order to settle disputes effectively. SBLAW has a […]

Consultation services on competition law

Consultation services on competition law

Consultation services on competition law SB LAW is one of the most popular business-law firms in Vietnam. Our consultation service on law of competition includes: To advice on legal aspects and policies on competition law of Vietnam and other countries; To advice on legal provisions of law on completion relating to purchasing and selling projects; […]