Suspending the receipt of lawsuit petitions at the Court's headquarters

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Dear Valued Client,

On May 11, 2021, the Supreme People's Court issued Official dispatch 125/TANDTC-VP on the continued prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic.  

Accordingly, from 0:00 on May 12, 2021 to the end of 24:00 on May 31, 2021, the Chief Justice of the Courts shall strictly implement the following contents:

- The Court only summons presiding officers and participants in legal proceedings to attend court sessions or meetings; not organize receptions of citizens or guests at the Court’s headquarters, except in cases of absolute necessity.

- To suspend the receipt of lawsuit petitions, petitions, documents and evidences and receive citizens directly at the Court's headquarters.  

-The Court shall notify and guide agencies, organizations and individuals to exercise their rights and perform their obligations through other methods such as: Sending to the Court through the postal service; submitted online electronically through the Court's Web Portal.  

- Courts are not allowed to hold sessions or meetings with more than 20 people in one room. Postpone or stop the organization of meetings, conferences and seminars that are not urgent to focus on solving work, preventing and controlling the epidemic.  

- Minimize the gathering of people, increase the organization of meetings, briefings, work online via electronic means, ...


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