Strengthen the personal income tax management

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On July 4, 2024, the General Department of Taxation issued Official Dispatch No. 2873/TCT-DNNCN on strengthening personal income tax management, specifically as follows:


Realizing that many subjects took advantage of the Tax industry's implementation of electronic tax services to serve taxpayers, and used a number of technological and technical tricks to impersonate tax officials and tax authorities, and fraudulently steal. appropriate information and assets of taxpayers, therefore, the General Department of Taxation requires:

  1. Tax authorities shall continue to proactively promote propaganda to support taxpayers, at the same time pay attention and warn taxpayers about forms of fraud, and recommend preventive measures.
  2. Strictly handle cases where businesses use personal information (name, tax code, CCCD number) to declare and calculate salary and wage costs when determining corporate income tax obligations while not paying income. actually for individuals.


In addition, when receiving feedback from individuals about information being taken advantage of by businesses, the Tax agency proactively coordinates and transfers information to the Tax agency that manages the business for verification and handling measures. Thereby supporting taxpayers, avoiding cases requiring individuals to contact themselves, increasing administrative procedures for taxpayers.


Besides, it is recommended that the Tax authority shall continue to promote propaganda and support to guide individuals about the benefits of installing and using the eTax Mobile application to look up, track and control their tax obligations.


  1. Tax authorities strictly implement regulations on data safety and security, preventing disclosure and leakage of personal information. The Department of Information Technology (General Department of Taxation) organizes information security monitoring and supervision to promptly detect and handle risks of attacks on the IT system of the Tax industry.
  2. Units: Department of Propaganda - Taxpayer Support, Office, Tax Magazine (General Department of Taxation) promote propaganda and support, capture information about forms of fraud to promptly inform, Warning to taxpayers.


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