Strategy for development of Vietnam Social Insurance industry until 2030

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On January 11, 2024, the Prime Minister issued Decision 38/QD-TTg approving the Vietnam Social Insurance Industry Development Strategy until 2030. Specifically as follows:


The specific goal is that by 2025, 100% of people participating in health insurance will have been issued a Citizen Identification Card that can be used to replace a health insurance card when examining a doctor.

-Strive to have about 45% of the working-age force participate in social insurance; About 55% of people after retirement age receive a pension;

- The level of satisfaction of people and businesses with handling administrative procedures reaches at least 90%;

- The number of people receiving social insurance and unemployment insurance benefits through non-cash payment methods in urban areas is over 68%;

- 100% of people participating in social insurance, unemployment insurance, and health insurance have electronic transaction accounts and have installed the VssID application.

08 main tasks and solutions to implement the Strategy include:

- Participate in developing legal policies on social insurance, unemployment insurance, and health insurance;

- Innovate the method of organizing collection work, developing the number of participants and managing social insurance, unemployment insurance, and health insurance funds;

- Improve the quality of financial forecasting for each insurance fund in the short, medium and long term to build medium and long-term investment strategies and investment plans for each period;

- Reform administrative procedures, innovate the implementation of one-stop shop mechanism, one-stop shop mechanism in handling administrative procedures;

- Innovate and diversify media content, forms and methods flexibly, suitable to the characteristics, culture, lifestyle and needs of each group of participants;...


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