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Question: We are a law firm located in Singapore, and would like to start our law practice at Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi.

Could you please let me know the general procedures and fee to set up Foreign law firm limited company in Ho Chi Minh city?

1. Regrading: Registration of foreign licensed lawyer in Vietnam ,


2. How many lawyers can get registered in the beginning, if we want register 5 or more foreign lawyers, does the fee change?

According to laws, foreign law practice entity in Vietnam must have at least two (02) foreign lawyers (including the Head of Branch Office or Director of foreign law firm), who is present and practicing in Vietnam for 183 days or more in a continuous period of twelve (12) month.

It means, minimum number of foreign lawyers required for registration from the beginning is 02 persons, there's no regulation on maximum number.

In addition, Head of Branch Office/Director of foreign law firm in Vietnam must have at least two (02) consecutive years of practicing law.

If you want to register 5 or more lawyers, definitely we're willing to offer you discounts. Please specific the number of lawyers you might want to register for me to inform the Management accordingly.

3. Could you clarify the government fee?

Regarding this procedure, governmental fee shall be 20,000,000VND.

4 Registration of Business Operation License of foreign law practice entity in Vietnam

Regarding this procedure, governmental fee shall be 2,000,000VND.

5. Registration of foreign licensed lawyer in Vietnam

Regarding this procedure, governmental fee shall be 5,000,000VND/applicant.

6.What is the estimated cost for notarization, legalization? These fee will be happened in Vietnam, or will be happed in China?

Foreign documents must be notarized and legalized in Singapore before translating to Vietnamese and notarizing such Vietnamese translations for submission in Vietnam accordingly.

Usually when making Vietnamese translation for those foreign documents, our translation fee (12USD/1 A4-page/300 words) covers the notarization fee in Vietnam also.


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