Question: I am interested in registering a IMP/EXP company in Vietnam. I want to know in three ways:

1. First if it’s fully foreign owned;

2.Second if it’s joint venture. (I will find a vietnamese partner)

3. Can i do the business with a nominee company? Is it safe for my invest?

I would like to know how much capital required for each? How long will it need to finish the registration? How much the fees you charge?


Please find our answers as follows:

– In this case, you can either setup Wholly Foreign Owned company or Joint Venture Company or Nominee Company. Tax applicable to these forms is the same, no difference. Maximum operation duration of a Wholly Foreign Owned Company and Joint Venture Company is 50 years (renewable). Meanwhile, there is no time limit for operation of a Nominee Company.

– Nominee Company is not recommended since it is not officially recognized by Vietnam Law and it is not safe for your investment.

– Please let us know goods to be imported/exported by the Company in Vietnam and city/province where the company shall be setup. Then, we shall provide you our quotation.


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