Setting up an E-Commerce Company in Vietnam

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Question: I'm from America. Please help me about company registration in Vietnam with registration address and opening bank account via online banking.

My business scope is IT, Computer's, software & hardware (e-commerce and online shopping), Import & Export & Bitcoin trade.

You can do it remotely or I must traveling to Vietnam?

After register a company I can work and trading remotely (via online banking)? Because my business is e-commerce.


I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to the issue below.

I noted that you intend to setup an E-Commerce Company in Vietnam. For further understanding about your proposed business activities, could you let us know what kind of E-Commerce you intend to conduct in Vietnam:

+ E-Commerce Platform created for Buyer and Seller.

+ You shall import and sell goods online. If you adopt this option, please let us know what kind of goods you intend to sell?

Please note that Vietnam has not yet officially recognize Bitcoin. Then, you can not register to trade Bitcoin in Vietnam now.


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