Setting up a Microfinance institution in Vietnam

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Under Vietnam Law, foreign investor can consider setting up a Microfinance institution in Vietnam.

Regulation on organizational structure and operation of Microfinance institution in Vietnam is now under the progress of development.

Up to the August of 2013, there were only two microfinance institutions established in Vietnam.

In the year of 2014, Vietnam State Bank plans to license for 3 or 4 microfinance institutions in Vietnam.

However, until now, there is no law instruments providing detailed regulation on procedure and requirements for setting up microfinance institution in Vietnam.

Thus, for prudence, if foreign investor is seriously interested in expand his market in Vietnam, SBLaw recommend foreign investor to make an official consultation with Vietnam State Bank on possibility of setting up microfinance institution 100% owned by foreign investor first.

We can assist foreign investor to conduct this job, including preparation of required document, liaising with Vietnam State Bank and obtaining the final response.

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