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Question: Our company is a manufactor in China. we are planning to set up a company in Vietnam for exporting auto wheels spider and aluminum diecastings.

The aspects to consider is labor cost, taxation difference, location of targeting customer, transportation etc.The specific location to set up the company has not been cocnfirmed yet.

Since the business activity has not started yet, so we do not have the code for exporting.

We would like to know the minimum investment amount and the fee for the service of setting up the company. Please quote.


I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to the issue here under.

Under Vietnam Law, there is no requirement for minimum investment capital except for several investment sectors such as tourism, MLM, real estate, banking, finance etc. In the targeted sector of your client, no minimum investment capital required. However, please note that, foreign investment in Vietnam must engage with a specific medium or long term investment project. Then, your Client shall have to account necessary capital for its business activities in medium and long term.

For our professional cost for setting up company, our minimum rate shall be 4,000USD. Our fee may be varied depending on complexity of each case. Regarding to the case of your client, the complexity shall very much depend on targeted location of the company to be setup in Vietnam.


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