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Nội dung bài viết


Our Company is currently seeking legal services for drafting Service Contract between ourself (a Vietnam-based company) and  one other Partner for the purpose of receiving commission fee from Partner when doing business in cosmetic production and distribution in Vietnam. May I ask if SB Law is providing legal services related to that matter? Thank you for your time.


SB Law thank you for your interest in our legal consulting services. Regarding your questions, we would like to advise as follows:


Following works are proposed based on the request of Client. However, depending on the specific position/situation of Client, several work items may not be necessary. Meanwhile, other works may be required. SB Law shall immediately advise Client the same upon review documents of the case. However, any additional works shall not fall under the scope of this Legal Service Proposal Letter, but could be provided upon request.

  • To draft Service Contract/ Business Cooperation Contract under laws of Vietnam between Client (Vietnam-based company) and Partner for the purpose of receiving commission fee from Partner when doing business in cosmetic production and distribution in Vietnam by both Vietnamese and English language.

For avoidance of any doubt, the scope of work shall strictly adhere to following specific assumption:

  • The scope of service is limited to matters set out in Item (a) above;
  • Communication will be in English or Vietnamese, and will mostly be via email and telephone;
  • Most substantive works will be within a time span of up to one (01) month, and no significant substantive works will be required thereafter.
  • Responsibility of the Client:

(i)     Provide legal documents in English or Vietnamese according to the list of documents provided by us; and

(ii)    Arrange meetings between us and related individuals and organization for the purpose herein, if so required.


  • With the mentioned-above Scope of Works, we propose the 1st draft of Contract/Agreement mentioned above could be provided to the Client within five to seven (05 – 07) working days upon full receipt of necessary documents, information required by SB Law, provided that Services Fees are fully settled.

This time schedule does not include time required for providing revision of draft contracts based-on Client’s specific comments.

Customers can refer to more consultation contents of related issues via the link:

Cosmetic notification in Vietnam


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