SBLAW advised for some Japanese investors.

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1. Dr. Eri International Co., Ltd

SB Law support to setup its subsidiary company in Hanoi for carrying out the business activities of import and whole sale of cosmetic products. SB Law scope of work:

- Preparing application dossier for setting up the company

- Working with competent authority in order to obtain required licenses for operation in Vietnam;

-Providing advice regarding to Vietnam Law relating to the business operation of the company.

We got information about Dr. Eri International Co. Ltd from our Japanese Business Partner. During the operation of the subsidiary company in Vietnam, we continue assisting them in (i) Registration of cosmetic products with competent authority; (ii) Obtaining several sub-license for expanding business activities in Vietnam; (iii) Connecting Client with potential business partners in Vietnam.

2. Persol Holding Co., Ltd

We got information about Persol Holding Co., Ltd through support of our Japanese business partners. In Vietnam, we help them to review legal aspects regarding to their business plan in Vietnam. We also help them to connect with competent authorities and potential business partners in Vietnam, including liaison with key persons and arrange important meetings with key persons in Vietnam so that Persol can have the best support for their business plan in Vietnam.


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