SB Law supported a client to successfully resolve a dispute through mediation at the first instance court

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On May 17, 2023, SB Law assisted a Vietnamese power cable manufacturing and distribution enterprise to achieve successful mediation results in court regarding the settlement of commercial business disputes arising from the performance of purchase and sale of goods contracts with a business partner operating in the same field.

Specifically, during the process of cooperating in business to perform contracts with partners, the client and the partner had a dispute related to the reconciliation and settlement of debts. The client sued the partner at the competent People's Court, requesting the partner to perform the payment obligation as agreed by the parties and pay late payment interest for the late payment debt.

Receiving the request to provide legal services from the Client, SB Law Firm assigned personnel and lawyers to participate in the proceedings as the authorized representatives and the defense counsel of legal rights and interests of the client in accordance with the law on civil procedure. During the settlement of the case, SB Law advised the Client providing legal opinions, in which analyzed and clarified legal factors beneficial and unfavorable for the client, plans, strategies, claiming requests against the partner, measures to consolidate evidence related to the lawsuit claim; represented the Client in all stages of court proceedings.

After the term of 02 months of trial preparation, on May 17, 2023, the Court held a first-instance trial of the disputed case. At the first-instance trial, the lawyer of SB Law participated in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the client at the trial. Also, on the basis of the goodwill of the two parties, the client and the partner, the lawyer of SB Law assisted the client in negotiating with the defendant to reach a solution to the case..

At the end of the first-instance trial, the two parties reached a mutual mediation agreement recognized by the Trial Panel as a successful mediation result, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of the client along with the business cooperation relationship with the partner.

Associate lawyer Do Xuan Thu, legal consultant Pham Xuan Truong participated in consulting and representing the client in this case.


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