Rights of employer and employees under the Vietnamese labor law

Nội dung bài viết

Under the law, the employees have the following rights and duties:

a.       The employee is entitled to work for any employer at any place that the law does not prohibit.

b.      The employee has the right to select the work, vocation and get vocational training and improvement without discrimination.

c.       The employee has right to receive salaries consistently and grade on the basis of the labor contract, receive work protection, work in safe and hygienic conditions, take official leave, paid annual leave, etc.

d.      The employee has the right to terminate the labor contract as prescribed under law.

The employer is entitled to employ labor directly or via employment services or outsourcing service providers. The employers are entitled to employ, arrange and manage labor as per the work required and commend and discipline for violations of labor discipline. The employers are responsible to perform labor contract and respect the honor and dignity of employees.

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