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After being granted patent/utility model in Vietnam, in order to maintain validity of such patent/utility model, owner shall have to pay annuity fee.

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Renew Patent in vietnam

1. SBLAW would like to introduce the time frame and documents shall be as hereafter:


Utility Solution/Utility Model

Validity of protection - An invention patent shall be valid from the grant date until the end of twenty (20) years after the filing date. - An Utility Solution is protected within ten (10) years from filing date.
Maintenance of validity - In order to maintain the validity of an invention patent or a utility solution patent, the owner must pay a validity maintenance fee within six months before the expiration of the validity term.

  • Ex: If Patent shall be terminated on December 1, 2012, the Owner can fill the payment of the validity maintenance fee from March 01, 2012 to December 01, 2012.

- The payment of the validity maintenance fee may be delayed for no more than six months after the expiration of the current validity term but the owner of protection title shall pay the maintenance fee plus 10% for each late month of payment.

Required Documents - Information of Patent or Utility Solution: Number of Certificate; Grant date; annuity year; number of independent claims

- Instruction letter via email/fax.

02. Renew Patent in vietnam

2.  The fee.

SBLAW would like to advise you on procedure and our fee schedule in relation to the renew of patent in Vietnam as follows:

Annuity fees (per annum for one independent claim) Official Fee($US) Attorney’s fee

per patent ($US)

1 1st and 2nd year 30.00 60.00
2 3rd and 4th year 60.00 60.00
3 5th and 6th year 90.00 70.00
4 7th and 8th year 120.00 80.00
5 9th and 10th year 150.00 85.00
6 11th to 13th year 180.00 90.00
7 14th to 16th year 220.00 100.00
8 17th to 20th year 270.00 120.00

Note: The above cost includes Official fee and Agency fee; exclude 5% VAT, bank charge ($20.00) and communication costs ($30.00-40.00).




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