Regulations for foreign drivers and motorized vehicles when participating in Vietnam’s traffic

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On March 7th, 2024, The Government issued a Decree 30/2024/ND-CP regulation on the management of motorized vehicles registered abroad, brought by foreigners for tourism purposes.
- Must have a guiding vehicle in front of the foreign motorized vehicles while participating in Vietnam’s traffic. The guiding vehicle must be a car ( if the tourists drive a car) or a motor (if the tourists ride a motor) arranged by a Vietnamese international travel service business and must have a logo or flag with the company's symbol.
- Only allowed to participate in traffic on roads within provincial boundaries and the travel time in Vietnam territory must follow the regulation of the approval document of the Ministry of Public Security.
- When controlling a foreign motorized vehicle in traffic, the driver must follow the Vietnam’s traffic regulation; bring along with and present with these following documents when requested by the authorities:
+ Passport or validate documents for international travel, documents related to residence in Vietnam;
+ Driver license issued by the foreign country that suitable for the vehicle’s type and still valid;
+ A valid certificate of technical safety and environmental protection for motorized vehicles, or equivalent documents issued by the country’s authority that the vehicle registered (for cars).
+ Vehicle registration certificate issued by the country’s authority that the vehicle registered and still valid;
+ Certificate of civil liability insurance of motor vehicle owner valid in Vietnam;
+ Customs declaration for temporarily imported and re-exported road transport vehicles.
This Decree is in effect from May 1st 2024.


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