Registration of Utility Model in Laos

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Your company would like to register utility model in Laos, SBLAW would like to provide you some information about the legal procedure of filing utility model in Laos as follows

 Utility model in Laos
Utility model in Laos

1. Criteria for protection:

Under Ip Laos Law, in order to protect your utility model in Laos, your utility model has to meet the following conditions:

–    Novelty
–    Inventive step
–    Industrial applicability

2. Required Information for protection 

a. Applicant: Name and address.

b. Inventor(s): Name, address and nationality

c. Specification of invention, utility solution

d. Claims and drawings.

e. Assignment document (if any).

f.  Certified copy of priority document (if any)

g. Search results from the Patent Office (recommended).

3. Required documents

Utility model in Laos
Utility model in Laos

Power of Attorney for SBLAW

4. Member 

Paris Convention: Yes

PCT: Yes

5. Procedure

Patent Filing

Preliminary Exam

Patent Publication: 18 months from the priority date

Formal Examination Request: Before 36 months from the filing date.

90 days to respond office action from the formal examination.


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