Registration of imported cosmetic products

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Question: I am a consultant based in Korea offering regulatory and commercial services for healthcare product including cosmetics. I was wondering whether we can discuss further on collaboration opportunities?

Under Vietnam Law, in order to register imported cosmetic products, your client must have an importer duly established and operating under Vietnam Law. This importer shall be the applicant who file the application dossier for registration of cosmetic product. Please note that only importer who filed the application dossier can import registered cosmetic product. In case your Client has not had any such Importer, we can connect you with service companies who are willing to act as Importer. Then, they shall take care all importation of registered products for your Client and transfer the products to parties as designed by your Client.

It shall take about 01 month from submission of application dossier to MOH to complete the cosmetic product registration. One Cosmetic Product Registration shall be valid within 05 years from the filing date. Final result of cosmetic product registration shall be released online. Then, you can easily check it through official portal of MOH.

Our fee for registration of one cosmetic product shall be 440USD (including Governmental Fee and VAT).


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