Registration of certification trademark in Vietnam

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According to prevailing IP law of Vietnam, “Certification mark” is a mark licensed by its owner to other organizations, individuals to use for their goods or services in order to certify characteristics in respect of origin, materials, raw materials and methods of goods production or methods of services supply, quality, acuracy, safety or other characteristics of such goods or services”.

In Vietnam, an organization with the function to control and certify the quality, characteristics, origin or other relevant criteria of goods or services shall have the right to register of a Certification Mark provided that such organization is not engaged in the production or trade of such goods or services.

The registration procedure for a Certification Mark is the same as a normal trademark.

More specifically, the duration for aCertificationtrademark application from mature to proceed to registration is around 14-18 months from the filing date, involving these stages

(1) examination as to formality and publication on the Gazette (3 months);

(2) examination as to substance (9 months) and

(3) issuance of registration certificate for the registered mark (2 months).

Kindly note that the term for registration process normally takes longer to several months in practice due to the backlogof the NOIP and the slow examination process by the NOIP’s examiner.


To proceed with registration of a Certification Mark, the following information and documents are required:

-       Name and address of the Applicant;

-       List of Goods/Services;

-       Specimen of the applied mark;

-       An original Power of Attorney (POA) if the application is filed through an IP agent. The  POA should be signed by the Applicantonly. Please be informed that a scanned/faxed copy of the Power of Attorney is acceptable upon filing provided that the original copy is submitted within 01 month from the filing date;

-       Documents evidencing the priority right, if claimed;

-       Regulations on the use of certification mark which should be certified before a Notary Public;

-       Explanation of particular characteristics and quality of the products bearing the mark (if the applied mark is a mark for certification of the quality of a product or a mark for certification of geographical origin);

-       Map showing the indicated territoty (if the applied mark is a mark for certification of the geographical origin of a product);

-       A certified copy of the legal document evidencing the certification function of the Applicant, the signatory of which must be certified before a Notary Public.

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Regarding the Regulation on the use of certification mark, this document must include the following essential contents:

i) The organization or individual who is the mark owner;

ii) Conditions for using the mark and conditions for termination of the right to use the mark;

iii) Characteristics of goods/services certified by the mark

iv) Methods of evaluation of the characteristics of goods/services and methods of supervision of the use of the mark;

v) Expenses payable by the mark user for the certification and protection of the mark, if any.

vi) Right of the mark Registrant;

vii) Obligations of the mark user;

viii) mechanism of licensing, control and inspection of the use of the mark and assurance of the quality and reputation of goods/services bearing the mark);

ix) dispute settlement mechanism;

In addition, please further note the requirements on the documents certifying permission for registration and use of the marks certifying geographical orginsas hereunder:

i) for a mark certifying a geographical origin, in addition to the mark use regulation and necessary documents evidencing the right of mark registration, the Applicant must also provide with the Registry the local administration’s permission for the Applicant to register a certfication mark containing signs indicating a geographical origin (geographical name, symbol or map of the area of locality) for goods/services bearing the mark.

ii) if the area or locality bearing the geographical origin indication can not be identified based on the administrative boundaries and the local administration’s permission mentioned above, the NOIP shall request the applicant to supply a geographical map indicating the area or locality bearing the geographical origin indication of G/S with the concerned local administration’s certification.


In Vietnam, multi-class application is applicable. The basic fees are calculated based on the number of class of goods/services (G/S) in each application as well as the number of products designated in each class in the application.

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